Beware of phony Day Cares

I’ve worked with kids for close to 8 years and I have similar experiences at the few Day Cares I was in contact with. Not good experiences, I should add. Why write about this? Because parents deserve to be aware of what goes on before sending their little ones to incompetent people. Just because someone has many degrees or whatever it is they have to prove they can ”teach” does not make them a good teacher. In my opinion, half of the people working with kids, shouldn’t be. Out of all of the Day Cares I was in, I was one of 2 or 3 people, to actually speak up when I knew something wasn’t right. At all the Day Cares, I was told to not tell parents how their kids day really went. I was told to say that they had a good day, even if all they did was cry or get hurt by another kid. I went against what I was told and said how their kids day went because I wasn’t about to lie. I always would treat the kids how I would want my kids to be treated. We ended up losing parents and believe me, that always made me happy because their kids deserved better. I witnessed Directors lie to parents, as well as, the owners lying to parents. Lots of false advertising going on. Sad to say, out of all the day cares, there were only maybe 5 good teachers who gave love and did what was required of them. Lots of yelling at the kids for just being kids. I remember not being able to stand how fake teachers could be, when the parents came to pick up their kids, like, you didn’t care about their well-being all day and now you do… Some teachers would just be on their phones, eating snacks, joking around, worrying about themselves and their plans, all while the kids were being neglected. Just because you follow a so-called schedule and do work with them, sometimes, doesn’t make you a good teacher. A good teacher is someone who loves, cares, always puts the kids first, doesn’t yell or handle any situation in that manner and never lies. I couldn’t understand how these so-called teachers had their own kids or even had kids on the way. I was told by one teacher to not let the kids use the color brown…. I just looked at her like, are you for real right now…. What’s worse, is the director was all for that.. Kids should be able to use any color they want to color with. You don’t limit creativity. I would pick the kids up, give them hugs, hold them and I remember being told not to do that so many times. I wouldn’t listen because all the kids loved me so I knew I was doing something right. I could walk into any room and the kids would run to me. That was rare for them to do that. people got so jealous and upset by that, but it only encouraged me more, to keep doing what I did best. Being told to tell parents that we do certain activities when that wasn’t true at all, just because they wanted to attract more parents to bring their kids, was unbelievably wrong and I didn’t sit back and let that happen. I said exactly what we did so they could make an honest decision. I believe it is okay to have a good time while working, however, you should know when you’re going too far or realize it’s time to focus. Not many people know how to do that. There are some situations I legally can’t mention, but I will say, that I’m disgusted by how the situations were handled. If you’re going to be a director, be the best director you can be and make the kids your number one priority. That’s common sense. favoritism, was a main problem at all the facilities. You don’t be buddy, buddy with certain coworkers when you’re the boss. You certainly don’t buy pizza for just you and 2 other coworkers… Rude. I could go on for days about this, but I wanted to give a glimpse into this real problem, that everyone needs to be more aware of. Best advice I can give as an insider is, I highly suggest you stay clear of Day Cares, but if you can’t, find one that has cameras that you are able to access throughout the day. Do not fall for the facility that says, they monitor it themselves. Make sure you are able to know what’s happening with your child at any time of the day. I love working with kids, but I would never work in another Day Care again.


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