People I used to know

I used to have this friend that I basically grew up with and she became completely different as we got older and put me on the back burner while she grew closer to other people. Wasn’t there for me anymore and once my sister had her first kid, they became close. Talk about weird timing. Funny how kids can attract people who weren’t really there. I guess closed minds, attract other closed minds. Having an open mind means, you’re able to process other people’s feelings and thoughts and accept it for what it is, but these people I knew, are opposite of that. I used to think I couldn’t live without these people and how could life go on if they aren’t in it, but let me tell you, it’s doable. You start to see them for the type of people they are and as long as I’m not having to deal with that amount of fake, I’m good. You try to include them in certain events in your life and for me, I wish I didn’t because they weren’t there. Of course, I learned from that and told myself, I deserve only the best in my life and knowing someone for many, many years doesn’t mean anything. Come to think of it, I’ve had a couple of friends that neglected me because I was living my own life and not theirs. I either had to live by their rules or I’m out. I guess I should say thanks for showing me what I don’t need or want to be surrounded by. It is okay to lose people (friends or blood related family).. That seems like it’s hard to deal with, but in all honesty, it gets better. Once good people come into your life, you’ll start to see that, what you once knew, was only a little bump in the road and life happily goes on. Best advice I can give is, do you! If you lose people by doing that, as Charlie Sheen would say, ”winning!” πŸ˜‰



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