Let’s talk weight & judgement

First things first.. A person’s weight, is their own business. I’ve always been thin, but I’m also somewhat fit. That’s just my body type and I work at keeping my curves. I’ve been judged, but I’ve learned that, the people who judge, are the ones who are truly struggling. Β However, when I read rude comments about how a person should either gain more weight or lose weight, it hits a nerve for me. I can’t stand people who think they can say whatever they want just because they are behind a screen. Pretty sure they wouldn’t have the guts to say it in person. I do my part by reporting comments like that because I’ve seen what those comments can do to people. Now, if you see that this person may need to change their ways, then yes, gently try to talk to them, but research ways to approach that if you’re more straight to the point, because you could do more harm than good and then let it go. They need to want to make the change themselves. Behind a screen or Β not, nobody should make jokes or put their two cents in. Where did manners and common decency go? You don’t know the battle people are struggling to keep the weight on or off. Not easy on both ends. A bit of advice I would give is, tell people they’re beautiful or handsome and lift them up. Don’t tell them to eat more or eat less and if you must, encourage a healthy way to live.


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