To Love Isn’t to Neglect

Neglectful : Not giving proper care to someone or something. I would never neglect someone or something because I know the feeling all too well. You could be the one giving all the attention and in return, you get pushed away or basically told, you’re not worthy of attention. It doesn’t matter that you push harder and work harder at understanding why someone is the way they are because you can not change them. Even though it seems like it’s simple and if only they could understand how they’re acting and correct it, that would make life, pretty easy. If other people only hear one person being upset and they bud in, trying to act like that person is horrible and how could they be mad, it only makes matters worse because they have no clue how bad the other person maybe hurt them…Countless times and yet, that one person will play the victim and not own up. If you love someone, you don’t let other people trash them, you stick up for them and own up for your mistakes. Β If you can’t hear someone out and make time for an actual conversation, look in the mirror and find where your faults are before hurting someone with your silence. Then, the other person feels stupid for staying because it’s a broken record. The giving in, is the worst part because you know it will happen again and the neglect will creep up sooner than later and the disappointment will sink in, once again. You’ve let your walls down for what? Actions speak louder than words, in my opinion and I’ve yet to see that change from people. Being neglected is one of the worst feelings and no one deserves to feel it…Unless you’re a really bad person, then you shouldn’t be around people. A fault of mine is, I can care too much and give my all, to people who don’t deserve it. I had one person ask me, ” why do you stay around people who act that way?” And I said ,”because it’s hard for me to give up on people.” She said, ”that’s a good answer.” It seems like it’s easy for people to treat the one who does everything for them and people in general, the worst. I’ll never understand that. Expressing yourself in a million different ways, won’t help either. It only makes it worse, unless you are reasoning with a reasonable person, which is rare. All I can say is, I do and did what I can, I tried over and over again, I pushed hard and made myself fall apart for nothing and no one worth falling apart for. Anyone or anything that makes you cry or makes you feel less than, know you’re more than that and worth it. Maybe not to that person, but you’ll be that person to someone else who will appreciate all you have to give.

This is for anyone in any type of relationship such as, friend, family, boyfriend, girlfriend.. Love and care from good and genuine people, are out there.


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