A Silly Saying People Use

The saying,” don’t be a pussy,” is not something I ever really looked too much into. I was watching a comedian talk about how people use it and how bizarre it is, because when you think about it, the pussy, (unless you’re talking about a cat) is very powerful. We push babies out of there and then, it still performs and does what it needs to do again. It’s quite a compliment to be called a pussy, in my opinion. Not to mention, the war that goes on for about a week or less if you’re lucky, when it’s, that time of the month for us. You can make it tighter or as loose as you want it. The body is remarkable and if any body part should be used in a mocking way, I would nominate the penis just for going limp, especially after the deed is done. How about, ”don’t be a dick.” #powertothepussy


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