How To Love Yourself and Keep Living Happy

I watched the movie, Penelope and it got me thinking about society and the constant judgement that goes on. Now, I don’t follow trends, never have, so when I see people who have ”mastered” their makeup or how to do their hair and they criticize someone who does their makeup far less than the other person and they say ” oh they don’t know how to apply this or that or they are doing it all wrong” actually, they are doing it how they want to do it. What it comes down to, in my opinion is, people not being able to accept originality. Now days, it seems like that’s hard to find, but trust me, it’s still out there. I don’t judge anybody simply because what other people wear, do, how they walk, talk, do their makeup or hair, they must like being that way so I figure, let them be. What’s my judging going to do? Change them? No.Unless you are hurting someone, then there is judgment on my end. I believe in giving a compliment because I enjoy making people smile or I’m just plain nice to them, even if they aren’t nice to me. I don’t understand why people are concerned with how other people do things. The life you should be worried about, is your own. Not how someone else chooses to live theirs. Which brings me to loving yourself.. accept how you do you. Staying authentic, is most important, especially, now days, when trends just take over everything. Trends aren’t bad, only when you lose yourself to perfect eyebrows or the best of the best and needing to fix this or that. Not against fixing anything either. Happiness is key and being able to supersize or downsize something, is a beautiful process, if done for the right reasons. As long as you know, everything you are doing is because YOU want to do it and it’s for your benefit, the love for yourself will blossom. Try smiling more, even before going to sleep. Might sound odd, but from my own experience, it makes a difference and you can definitely make time to do it. If you stay kind, loving, humble and sweet towards others, you’ll grow happier and most important, you’ll grow into a stronger person. If you send out positive vibes, you’ll get positive vibes back. Maybe not right away, but don’t let that discourage you.. Don’t let it bring you down, if you don’t get the response you want. How you react, is what will make or break you.( Speaking from experience) In conclusion, loving yourself requires work and it’s not always easy, but a life lived happy seems way more worth it, than living day-to-day as Debbie downer. Let’s be positive Patties!


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