Can We Really Live Without Someone?

There have been a few people who I thought I could never live without. I had many memories with them, even in a short amount of time and yet, we split and I can honestly say, I was able to move on. Strange thing is, having dreams where these people will pop up and I’m reminded of them and I end up wondering, what they are up to, when I would rather  not think about them. That makes it a bit difficult, but then the day goes on. I feel, people need to prove themselves and keep proving themselves because that is how you show you care. If you give up and act like people will just keep sticking around, I’d think again. A lot of people will sadly stay, but people do find the courage to move on. I don’t trust easily and for good reasons. I tend to get let down and people would say,” you should know this was going to happen,” but that’s not right. Doesn’t make it okay. It’s a learning process and every person you come across and in my case, is either a blessing or a lesson. People that become lessons, doesn’t mean it has to be a negative thing. Think about it in a positive way and grow from it. I struggle with that, but I’m doing pretty damn good. I believe you can live without people, but it’s nice to know, there are people that are reliable, loving and good, who are worth keeping around.


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