Is it Okay to Think Other People Are Cute While in a Relationship?

I’ve had plenty of conversations with people about this and most think it’s okay or natural. I truly only have eyes for the person I’m with, however, if I’m not treated right, my mind will wonder.. Guilty of that. That seems more natural to me. Other girls I know, would talk about how cute this celebrity is and even have pictures of those people and I would have zero interest in doing that because I was in love. Which brings me to this.. If your partner thinks it’s okay to look up girls all the time and call them cute or fantasize about them, but gets mad at you when you say so and so is cute, is nothing more than hypocrisy. I can’t stand hypocrites. Owning up is a big thing in my book, so if you can do that, you’re alright. I think, if your partner makes you feel beautiful or handsome all the time and they call someone cute, it wouldn’t be a big issue, but I find that to be rare or that’s just my experience. I feel, making your partner feel number one before anyone else is a must because that’s who you’re with. So important to make them feel special and wanted. So, is it really bad to say other people are cute? I guess as you get older, you start to not care as much about that stuff, since it seems petty, but for me, I think it is okay, as long as at the end of the day, you’re partner isn’t neglected or made to feel like they don’t matter. Relationships are hard work, but it’s not hard to show you love and adore them, above anyone else.


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