Life Changing (Rest in Peace my baby)

Today I lost my best friend, my sweet boy, bubba, angel, babylove.. He had many nicknames. Writing this isn’t easy, but my babe meant the world to me and I know he’s touched a lot of other people’s hearts so he would want you to know that he’s in a better place and not suffering. I was one lucky mama and my Elvis was one amazing kid. He was always by my side and when I was gone, he was by his dads side, waiting for me to come home so he could give me kisses and follow me around. I’ll forever miss him coming and kissing my legs while I’m doing the dishes and looking in the tub to make sure I was ok if I had my head in the water when I took a bath.. Telling him ”night,night” which made him fall asleep or his dad singing ” Elvi is a dinosaur,” which also made him fall asleep.. Playing hide and seek with him and his sister.. He would look all over for me until I was found.. Whenever I would cry, he was right there to lick my tears and would even start to have watery eyes which just showed how special my boy really was. I never treated my babies like they were just animals.. I treat them like they are kids I gave birth to. The bond him and I had is something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. I’ve dreaded this day since day 1 and now that it’s here, I don’t know what to do with myself. Never imagined life without him. He was my rock, a major part of why I kept going..Wouldn’t of been able to get through everything I did, if it wasn’t for him. He could always make me smile, no matter how bad things were. We always wanted to be together and I wouldn’t of had it any other way. He helped keep me company when I did laundry, watched me while I cooked and always made sure he knew where I was. Putting him down today, broke my heart… Holding him like the baby he was and kissing him until he was completely gone, while his dad rubbed his head, made me so thankful that I had the privilege to parent him and that he got to pass the way I’m sure he would have wanted to. There is so much I could say about this sweet boy of mine, but with my heavy heart, I know he is free and will always be with me..(I told him he better be) cause mama needs her boy. Thank you to my parents for being there for him today.. He loved you both. Thank you babe, for being his daddy and adding to his happiness.. He really loved you, especially when you sang to him. Taylor (his sister) can’t clean his ears anymore, but the love we have for her, will hopefully help with her grieving. Rest in peace my Elvis Lee. Mama, dada and sister will love you forever and always. See you later my happy baby. ❤


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