People Who Think They Know What’s Best For You

Something that I’ve always had to deal with, is people who think they know what the best thing to do is when it comes to my life… As a person who let’s people be, unless I see they are going to harm themselves or come to me for advice, I can’t understand the need for people to feel that entitled.  People make choices and either grow from those choices or stay stuck. Being stuck doesn’t mean that’s the wrong choice, you still grow, but that added stress is going to be there. The people who make you feel like crap for the choices you make, are the people I’m mainly talking about. The people who say things out of love, over and over again, definitely have the right to do so, but need to understand that actions speak louder than words therefore, if they really want you to make a different choice, they should be more hands on otherwise, stop saying something. When someone is ready for a change, that change will happen. Even saying something out of love and voicing an opinion that they think is right, isn’t always right. Might be right for them, but not necessarily for you or me. As people, we know what we want to do and although we can get lost in those choices, no one should be put down. You help people, especially if they ask for help… Even if they ask many times for help, you don’t give up on them. Giving support doesn’t have to be just opinions or making someone feel like your way is right, it’s sending a smiley face or saying, ”I love you,” simply saying, ”I’m here if you need anything…” People tend to do what they want despite opinions anyways, so maybe people should try a different approach, rather than the approach they want that person to take. I used to tell someone my opinion on a choice they kept making and I tried helping because I cared, but I realized all I had to do was drop it and just accept their choice, support them by asking how things are and saying, ”I’m here for you no matter what.” Worked for me and it worked for them. If you’re not in that persons shoes, you have no clue what’s best for them, unless they can’t think for themselves nor do you know what they do to make things work. I wish people understood that, but I choose not to stress over what people think and just do me, because only I know what will make me happy and I strive to make my happiness my number one priority.  I’m going to get to where I want to be because I made it happen, not because I was told how to get there.


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